About Temperamental Mom

Now you know a bit about my nerdy self. I’m going to let you in on one more odd fact about me…
I feel the need to research everything. It’s true. Prior to the birth of my daughter I spent endless hours learning every topic I could think of related to how to care for a baby. I thought I was prepared. As any veteran mom likely knows, once you actually have your baby it all goes out the window. Oh the things I didn’t know!
Wait… what?!? Babies don’t just fall asleep when they are tired? I mean… come on. I needed to do more research of course. That just left my head spinning.
Don’t make any noise while baby is sleeping. Play music to lull baby to sleep. Don’t let baby sleep for more than 2 hours. Never wake a sleeping baby. 
Not only did every piece of advice contradict each other but every comment section I read was full of mothers going at it like they were in a heated presidential debate. I learned that people take their sleeping training opinions really seriously. This prompted me to do more research. What was best for my daughter? How would I ever figure this out?
I finally realized that I was not going to find the answers I needed because my daughter is one of a kind. She is her own little person with her own little personality.
So, this leads me to this blog.
Every child is born with unique needs, likes and dislikes. This is your child’s temperament. 
I created this blog to provide a place where moms can get the tools and support they need to understand how to be the best parent for their specific child. I’m not a baby whisperer or a professional. I’m a mom trying to figure this out- just like you.


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